After The Baby Arrives

Private Breastfeeding and Working Session

You CAN breastfeed you baby as long as you want to if you know the secrets! Come learn how mothers in ALL types of jobs are successful at combining breastfeeding and working. Baby attends with mom!

Class includes many strategies for mothers to maintain their milk supply and the many benefits of breastfeeding while separated from Baby part-time to over time. Also included in this informative class: Pumping skills, milk transportation and storage guidelines, important facts Moms will want to teach baby's care giver so precious milk is not wasted and baby continues to love breastfeeding. Mothers will receive: Handouts, and a "Breastfeeding Snapshot", all a $20 value. Mom nurses baby during the class and our Intensive Care Quality Scales tells how much baby takes during a feeding. This information is extremely helpful for Moms to be able to teach baby's care givers appropriate amounts to feed when Mom is away.

One 2-Hour Class,Scheduled at Your Convenience, $45

** These classes are being scheduled based on interest on VIP list! Please call 434-384-MAMA to sign up!


I wanted to thank Best Start for the back to work breastfeeding class that I took. I don't know what I would of done without that class. When I would think about going back to work and pumping and did not think it was possible but Jane suggested her class and it was a godsend. I went back to work April 4th and here it is almost the first of Aug and I am still pumping. The class had all the information I need to allow me to still give my daughter what I wanted her to have and also be able to work full time. The most important thing I learned is to pump only when needed and at night and on weekends put that pump away and breastfeed as much as you can because that will keep up the process. Thanks Jane for everything. My baby has been so healthy.

Melissa B"I went back to work at 10 weeks post-partum and took the BF & W class a few weeks prior. It benefitted me by showing me ways to make pumping my milk easier and getting more milk. This class made the transition back to work easier because I had a better idea of what to expect and know my rights in the workplace. I recommend this class to others and still benefit from Best Start's continuous breastfeeding support!" Taylor H.

"The back to work class benefitted me by getting me familiar & comfortable with the pumping equipment. I knew wat to expect which made the pumping process easier. I encourage others new mothers to attend because they can interact with other mothers who were going back to work too and get a boost of confidence." P.J. Pyrchla

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Concerns about continuing to breastfeed when you return to work? Read this article to find out why it is such a good idea for you and your baby. Come to our Breastfeeding and Working Class to learn the secrets of how to make this work for you!