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Handout:  For the Caregiver of a Breastfed Baby

Breastfeeding Tips for Working Mothers

Pumping and Employment - KellyMom -

For working Moms: What does the new Health Care Law say about breaks for Mothers to express their milk.  Which employers must comply and what does the law actually cover?  Read this interesting article by  Kori Martin, JD, LLLL 

10 Ways to Stop Caregivers from Overfeeding Your Breastfed Baby

Formula feeding part-time to full-time?

Overview - These Infant Formula web pages contain information about infant formula that may be helpful to industry, consumers, government agencies, and other interested parties. They include the following:

  • information about FDA's regulation of commercial infant formulas,

  • commonly asked questions about infant formulas,

  • links to other relevant resources, and

  • how to report problems.

Dr. Sears on Working While Breastfeeding -