There are many types of breastpumps for different pumping situations — pumps for moms who are returning to work and will be away from their baby for extended periods of time are very different than pumps for moms who only need to pump to replace an occasional feeding for a night out once in a while.  Getting the wrong pump can drastically effect your milk supply if you are pumping for extended time away from your baby during the day.    

When you purchase or rent a breastpump from Best Start Parenting Center you also receive the support of our experienced staff. We can help you determine whether or not you need a breastpump and what style fits your particular needs. We also carry replacement parts for all the pumps we rent and sell.

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Best Start Parenting Center carries the highest quality breastpumps at minimal cost through affordable home rental programs. These pumps are the best at stimulating and maintaining a mother’s milk supply for her baby. Renting a pump is easy and cost-efficient for mothers who are pumping because of breastfeeding problems, hospitalized baby or mother, full or part-time work, or extended separation from their babies. Because these pumps are of such high quality and designated ‘durable medical equipment’ most health insurances will reimburse for the rental with a doctor’s prescription. We carry the following rental pump:


Symphony® Breastpump: The Symphony is the first breastpump with Natural Expression™, Medela’s breakthrough two-phase pumping program that offers an initial, rapid rhythm to promote “Let-Down” and then a slower, deeper rhythm for efficient milk expression.  It is a Hospital Quality Pump.

Includes Pumping Program with options for both automatic and manual switching between pumping phases, based on moms’ needs. Pumping Programs are stored on a Program Card, allowing further Pumping Programs to be implemented in the future by releasing alternate Program Cards as research supports it.

For moms’ convenience, one knob combines vacuum level and the number of cycles per minute in the expression phase. Moms can switch between single and double pumping simply by adding or removing the second Pump Collection Set.

Specially designed membrane separates Pump Collection Set from pump mechanism, ensuring unmatched overflow protection without compromising vacuum capacity. LCD Display indicates pumping phase, vacuum level, battery status, and other handling and service information.

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