Baby Care, Parenting, and Cloth Diapering Links

Getting to Know Your Baby

A wonderful 16 minute video by Dr. Jane Morton and the California Baby Behavior Campaign.  Learn why your baby behaves as he/she does; calming, soothing your baby, why babies sleep the way they do.

Dad’s 24-Hr Cribside Assistance Website – a site for Dads by Dads!

Baby Explains Newborn Behavior

Click here for a letter from your baby that explains newborn behavior

Bathing Baby – Dr. Sears shares helpful information on what to use, how often to bathe, and how to make bathing baby a fun bonding experience for both parent and child.

Important Reasons to Ditch the Hats on Newborn Babies:

How to put Sunscreen on a Toddler

Is Your Pediatrician An Infant Nutrition Specialist? 8 Must-Ask Questions

Baby Sign Language as an Attachment Tool

Is it time to start Solids?

It’s Official: Fluoride Makes Your Kid Dumb

New baby smell creates ‘very strong’ bond in mom’s brain, study finds
Keep following your gut instincts!

“Babies need to be with their mothers following birth in order to develop proper neural connections and ensure healthy brain development and proper brain ‘organization’; mother’s chest is baby’s natural post-birth ‘habitat,’ and is of vital developmental and survival significance; and that breastfeeding equals brain wiring.” –Dr. Nils Bergman summarized by Molly Remer, M.S.W., ICCE, CCCE


Disciplining vs. Loving Guidance

Elizabeth Pantley

Elizabeth Pantley is the author of eight popular parenting books, available in 18 languages, and she was a contributing author to The Successful Child with Dr. William and Martha Sears. Best Start carries all of her sleep books because they use the gentle parenting methods instead of the “cry it out” methods. Visit her website for more parenting articles that she has written on the web.

Unconditional Parenting:


Parenting Resources/Organizations

After raising eight children and practicing pediatric medicine for more than 30 years, Dr. William Sears and his wife Martha have answered questions from thousands of parents. Millions more have sought their advice through their 30+ pediatric books, articles in parenting magazines, and their appearances on more than 100 television programs such as 20/20, Donahue, Good Morning America, Oprah, CBS This Morning, CNN, NBC’s Today Show and Dateline.

Your child awakens in the middle of the night crying inconsolably. She feels hot to the touch, and you quickly take her temperature. 103 degrees! (39.5 Celcius) You are understandably worried! Should you call your doctor? Should you rush her to the emergency room?

Wonderful website with a huge amount of material about every aspect of pregnancy, birth, baby/child care and feeding and parenting.


Cloth Diapering Resources and Information

New Articles are added at the top of the list frequently.

Organizing your cloth diapers and changing area

Cloth Diapering 101–Click on the links below for everything you every wanted to know about cloth diapers.

Cottonbabies: Cloth Diapering 101 page 

Bummis:  Cloth Diaper Basics


Babywearing Resources

Over the Shoulder Baby Holder: The Mother of All Baby Holders!

Did you know that a baby’s spine is placed in a compromising position in many of today’s popular carriers? If the carrier positions the infant upright, with legs hanging down and support at the base of the child’s spine, it puts undue stress on the spine compromising developing curves in the spine. This sling is rated the top baby carrier by hundreds of baby experts. Physical therapists and chiropractors endorse it for its comfort and weight distribution, and for its benefits for your babies posture. The baby can be carried in any natural position and breastfed discreetly.