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“I’m so excited to say that because of Jane’s help, I’ve been successful in nursing my precious twin girls to 13 months! My original goal was 6 months so I’m thrilled that we’ve made it this far! I cannot express how thankful I am that I had Best Start Parenting as a resource as a new mom of twins. Thank you!!!”

Kelly B.

“Dear Mrs. Bradshaw, Thank you so much for checking in on us! Audrey and I are doing great! My soreness did go away once I tried and stuck to the new holding position you showed us. It seemed to allow her to latch on better, and eliminated the soreness and discomfort. She quickly became a good nurser, and is growing like a weed..  We just celebrated her 1st birthday in October. She has been a super healthy baby,  no sick visits to the doctor, and no ear infections!!!! She really is a happy and easy baby! Thank you to you and your staff for all your encouragement and support. Audrey was my 3rd baby, and so it was very frustrating to have problems on the 3rd kid, when I’d not really had trouble with the others I will continue to refer your practice to other new (and 3rd time) moms!;-) The service you all provide is INVALUABLE!! Keep up the great work you do.”

Carrie Pierce

Breastfeeding may need a little help if:

  • Mother or baby is ill or must take medication
  • Baby is premature, sick, has cleft palate, Downs Syndrome, PKU or other medical problems and has difficulties breastfeeding
  • Newborn with latch-on difficulty
  • Any breast or nipple pain (breastfeeding should never hurt)
  • Low milk supply or baby is not gaining weight
  • Mother wishes to relactate (restart breastfeeding after stopping)
  • Inducing lactation for an adopted infant
  • Mother or baby are experiencing any breastfeeding problems

There is help!  We offer the best Breastfeeding Support from our International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

Insurance information

Many insurance companies now cover a lactation consultant’s fees.  With every consultation you will be given instructions and the referral form you doctor can sign to help you apply for coverage with your health insurance.

CLICK HERE for how to prepare you for your lactation consultation.

Jane Bradshaw RN, BSN, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Registered Lactation Consultant since 1986.  Jane has over 20 years of experience as a Lactation Consultant, is an author, frequent speaker at lactation conferences and is an instructor with Lactation Education Resources which trains doctors, nurses, other people who have received some breastfeeding training, and others who wish to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.  Click Here to read more about Jane Bradshaw.


“The first night home from the hospital, Michael would not nurse but a few minutes and cried almost non-stop all night. So did I. What was I doing wrong? That’s when I decided to call Best Start. It was the best call I ever made. Jane was patient and understanding and knowledgeable. I cried through most of the consultation, but with her encouragement and teaching, Michael and I are now a successful nursing couple. What a magical scene it is to look down at my son and see him nurse and know that I am doing the best that I can for him! I would probably be bottle feeding him if I had not called on Best Start to help. To Jane and all her staff a debt of undying gratitude for the gift of knowledge they have given to me and the precious timeless moments with my son.”

Amy Baugher

Mother of Michael

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